good and bad reports….

Yesterday was yet another day with a  good report…. just absolutely love good reports… love to win (not lose)… love to succeed (not fail)… I think you might even enjoy that sort of thing yourself…..   🙂    so much better than bad reports – evil reports – ugly reports…. right?   and we’ve had more than our share of those over the years.

One friend even commented yesterday that it was  –  “So nice to hear good news!”  – which prompted me to re-visit one of my favorite areas to talk about….  triumph and tragedy… both those imposters.  That was one of the things I experienced early on during this past 10 years of being set free.  Remember what I closed with yesterday?

“…. just dealing with what He brings across my path each day…  how simple… not a learning process of any kind… only a process of experiencing His Life in every situation as I watch Him do whatever it is He wants done…” 

What He brings across my path is not always  victory... sometimes it is  defeat…. sometimes it is really, really  big-time defeat… I have personally lost many more times than I have won…. failed many more times than I have succeeded… but  success  doesn’t grow me up… actually it even makes me more arrogant than when I started… failure though… that one drives me to God where He can bring me thru the death process necessary in order to grow me up…

Remember… they are both imposters… a sign of maturity is when I am able by His grace to  treat them both the same.

Much more to say on this one… stay tuned… and don’t forget…  if we keep on asking God for some mystical sign from heaven…. (which also helps me to brag about my special relationship with God – and give me another little boost of arrogance)… it is time for us to remember my favorite little  sign.…  🙂Photo on 11-29-17 at 1.53 PM.jpg


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