another up day???

Philip is not at all used to having  “up days”  one after the other like this… might even get around that  bend in the road  on Monday where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…. if I get  another good report  on my heart from the Cardio doctor at that time… there could be a whole lot-a-different kind of rejoicing going on in the Wolff household.

First it was my nurse therapist being thrilled with the turnaround and talking about  “discharging”  me when she comes next week… followed up by my home health nurse today, also beyond thrilled with what she has seen today and is scheduling the discharge from home health services  when she comes next week.

The past couple days I have done over 4500 steps (2 miles+)…. a very long way from being able to even get to 1000 steps… my old goal… and… no more naps during the day… all very positive steps.  Also have a couple medication adjustments that were made to slow down my weight loss…. which are working… while my appetite keeps improving.

Like I said… not my usual world… all these victories are neat… but not normal.  The key is to not get to the point where I treat the victories differently than the defeats…  both those imposters…  so far so good… especially since we never really know what will happen when I get to the end of the tunnel…   🙂

Photo on 11-30-17 at 9.47 PM.jpg

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