date day with ellen…

we had absolutely nothing on the  “schedule”  today… so…. we had a  “date day”  instead… ellen needed to do a little shopping so she took me along for the ride after breakfast this morning… showing me how she had discovered all these back roads to everything so she could avoid the traffic to Boston that is on the main roads…..  the  old fella  was  properly impressed… she knew how to get to everything in the area and avoid all the craziness of the Boston highways.

We went to Big Lots, the dollar store (wearing my new $1 reading glasses in the picture below),  Costco, a bunch of smaller stores… saw Dicks, Home Depot and a zillion other familiar names… it was a real fun time together and I got in my  “walking”  as I checked out the stores…  We end up having  “lunch” at the Olive Garden  in the area… just a great time…

It got me thinking though… thinking about how she had talked to different people who  “knew the best way”  to get there… who had experienced the best  “way to go”... people who had been there, handled the different roads, seen them, traveled them…

it reminded me of the people who came into my life and shared with me what they had  “seen and touched and handled of the word of life”… showed me the best way to get there... the best way to go… how to travel… the road to take…  oh my…

Photo on 12-1-17 at 7.33 PM.jpg

Then I started thinking about one of my  “what-if’s” …  What if  I had been told about these things when I first had my collision with God back in 1968… instead of all the religious baloney  I was fed by  religion…. hmmmm… guess there is still more to say….


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2 Responses to date day with ellen…

  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    Sounds like a terrific day being out and about! You and Ellen look splendid in the pic and I just love your new specs 🙂 Still missing my BFF as always!

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