what if… #1

I closed yesterday… thinking about all the things I was told about Christianity…. from the moment I met the Lord… all the things I responded to… tried to accomplish for God and they were all wrong… and then said this:

What if  I had been told about  these  things…. when I first had my collision with God back in 1968… instead of all the religious baloney  I was fed by  religion…”

Here is the first thing I was told… I knew I had given my life to God… surrendered everything I knew of myself to Him… to do with me whatever He pleased… then I heard this from the guy who had led me in the  “sinners prayer”  giving my life to God:

“When God really grabs hold of your heart… there are only 2 things a person can do.”   I never got to think about that question… or ask what those two things might be… or ask my own question….instead I was simply  “told”  what those two things were…. I spent the first 32 years of my Christianity, being given answers to questions I never asked.

Of course… Phil loved it and fit right in… a quick learner of things that appealed to my natural man…. I had a career over those same 32 years… giving answers to questions nobody every asked me…

So….  what if …. I had been told:   “Phil… you have a relationship with God now… all you need to do is grow in that relationship… walk with Him… talk to Him… you will have questions… ask Him about them… there is nothing you have to do for Him… just get to know him… He loves you so much…  Just be who you are… where you are… and… I would love to hear what He is saying to you… I’m available to  “listen”  any time you want to share anything….”

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2 Responses to what if… #1

  1. Bill says:

    Philip, I am positively thrilled for your good reports. Yet another gift from God. I suspect that it may have something to do with proximity to your children and grandchildren. You can’t possibly have told all your stories to them yet. They are brand. New to them. Please keep breathing and walking, both of those are good for you.

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