what if…. #2

There was a whole lot in that first statement I heard, after I had prayed and surrendered my life to God…. “When God really grabs hold of your heart… there are only 2 things a person can do.”   Not just the fact that I began a 32 year journey giving answers to people for questions that were never being asked… (that is how every religious system works…) we have the answer to every question in life… whether or not you have ever thought about the specific question before….  doesn’t matter… Philip’s religion has the answers for you… No… no… there is much more than that here… look at the words…

My  #2 What-if  is the first half of what  I was told 50 years ago….  “When God really grabs hold of your heart…”   the second half will be part of the  #3 What-if   tomorrow.    There was no time to think about what he had just said… maybe even wonder what that means… ask a few questions… like maybe… “You mean that there are two different kinds of Christians?  Ones whose hearts have been grabbed…  and others whose hearts have not been grabbed.”

What if  I had stopped him right there and asked that question?  hmmmmm…

I didn’t though… the appeal to my natural man that I was one of the chosen ones…. the special ones… one of those whose heart had  really been grabbed by the Lord… I got all over that real quick…

Of course, I would say something quite different today about what a Christian is…. I have  even  had an opportunity to do that once in a while….  many of those times though… they look at me as if I was from another planet or something…  🙂

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