what if…. #3

#3 comes out of the second half of the statement I have been writing about:   “When God really grabs hold of your heart… there are only 2 things a person can do.”...   my friend just continued with the proclamation of  his  truth…..  “You can go off to Bible School and become a preacher “ – while mentioning that he was too old to do that (50 at the time) whilst I was still a young fella at 32 – so the 2nd thing to do was what he was doing –  “Go to the mission field”….  therein lie my options…  my goal  had to be  full time Christian Ministry…  either as a  preacher  or as  a  missionary... that’s it… because God had really grabbed hold of my heart.

I knew the guy was serious… he was a very successful businessman… a literal earth mover… and he sold everything he had… business, equipment, beautiful house and his  “two Cadillac automobiles”… and was heading out to Bolivia to be a missionary aviation pilot….  he stopped waiting for his  “building”  to sell and rented it to me… and went off for training.  It was very very real for him… and I was experiencing exactly what he meant about what he had said.  The guy was living out what he was declaring.

It fit right in with my being raised in Catholicism… the  highest good  had always been to be a priest or a nun… I knew I could never be a priest… I was too foul a sinner… and always felt guilty about that…

Many of you know the   “rest of the story”…  it did become my goal.  I just keep thinking about how different my life would have been, had I been told something like what my friend Bodie and I were looking at today… this might just be what I would say to someone today, who was ready to give their life to the Lord…

So…. Philip  (or whosoever believeth in HimJohn 3:16)  “presents his body a living sacrifice… Romans 12:1” ….which is Philip’s or whosoever’s  “only acceptable worship”….  It is not a life that is confined but is  expressed continually….   expressed  wheresoever   Philip is at the moment… Matt. 18:20… For  wheresoever  two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.    All Philip needs to do is be who he is, where he is… each day… dealing with whatever God puts on his plate that day.
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