great health report…

So blessed and thankful for the continuing  “good reports”  on my health… not that Philip is going out the end of the tunnel today… or ever will for that matter…. but just very  positive results to report again today … and knowing that my  heart failure  is, in fact, being  managed  and bringing good results.

I was  discharged  by my  home health  nurse yesterday… then discharged by the  wound clinic  today and then discharged by my home health  physical therapist  this afternoon!!!    No more visits  from or to any of these folks.

The results from my  echo cardiogram  also showed progress…. cardiologist took a bunch of blood to do more tests… she wants to look at some different things and has scheduled another appointment.  All of the medical folks seem thrilled with the progress… so we are too!!!

I am exercising more… pushing towards 5000 steps a day… and no more daytime naps… yessssss !!!

Other progress is the water continuing to come out of my system… the legs seem to be pretty much looking like normal legs, as the Circ-Aid Boots continue doing what they do so well… and the diuretics also doing what they do so well… finally drawing some of the water out of my belly… This morning I broke under the 190 lbs mark… for the first time since I was a kid…. thinking I could get to 185 before this is over… (hoping of course that it WILL get over at some point)… we shall see which way the Lord takes this next…

🙂Photo on 12-5-17 at 8.26 PM.jpg


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  1. so blessed by your progress.

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