the next thing he said…

My next instruction was also two-fold…  “read the bible every day… first thing in the morning”….. and … “go to a good bible believing/preaching Church every Sunday” … I did get in a few questions like… “what bible should I buy…. where do I start reading… right from the beginning?”   Out of that I discovered  “the only bible”  to purchase… (I guess it was the one that the Apostle Paul used) … was the  Scofield King James Reference Bible… also that new believers always started reading their  Scofield Bibles  from the Gospel of John…

This particular Bible, of course, explained to me what every verse meant and what God was saying when  He wrote it  all down for me… which then also answered any questions I might have had,  before I would ever need to ask one..  consistent with the system….   🙂

Interesting that when I started reading every day and began talking to the Lord about what I was seeing in this verse or that verse, everything came so alive… I saw so much… my relationship with the Lord was growing by leaps and bounds.  It’s a good thing I finally bought my new Scofield so I could be straightened out on all that stuff I had been getting from the Lord prior to my purchase…  🙂

What if ,,,#4…  wonder what my growth in Him would have been like if I had been told to just read my bible… any translation that was easy for me to read… ask the Lord where to start reading… start wherever He suggested and simply enjoy my growing relationship with Him… each day…   hmmmmmm…..

I also received recommendations of several  “local fundamentalist evangelical churches in the Baptist Tradition”…  that has to wait till tomorrow….


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