what if… #6

Shortly after my gas station stop on the Thruway, I had to make a business trip way across Pennsylvania, that went right by the exit for the gas attendant’s  brother’s place.

So I called him and arranged to stop by.  What an experience!  I was a pretty big guy back then.. 6’4″ pushing 230 lbs (on the BMI index… if I went over 230 I moved from  overweight  to obese – so I never went over 230)… 🙂     part of why I love being 190 now… a good normal weight  on the BMI…  🙂  

The guy’s brother was huge… size of a pro-football player… I held out my hand but he just brushed it off…  put me in a bear hug with a very loud  “Praise the Lord, Brother”.. and literally picked me up off the ground.  No one has ever done that to me… either before or since.  What a hoot!  I  had to  stay for dinner and stay in their guest room  over night.

At the end of dinner, he kicked back and asked me…. “So, Brother Phil… have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed?”  Another wild experience… story in itself.  He walked me thru the scriptures… he and his wife prayed for me… and Philip was Baptized in the Holy Spirit that night.

Could hardly wait to get back so I could share my incredible experience with my  “in the Baptist tradition”  Pastor friend… I went to see him as soon as I could and told him my story.  He gave me this very strange look… paused…  then finally said:   “Phil… I don’t know  whether I should pray for you… or just feel sorry for you.”

What if... this was something shared the moment I gave my life to the Lord… what if... I was pointed to the scriptures involved and maybe given a suggestion to read thru the scriptures and talk to the Lord about it…   see what He says to you…  happy to talk about what He says… any time… if you like…



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