yet another, what if… #7

I was on a roll… so excited  about my new experience with God… up most of that night  just wired  and praying in tongues… same thing on my way back home in the morning … as I drove back towards Jersey on the Pennsylvania Turnpike… just  praying and singing  in tongues… then I got this thought….  why don’t I stop in Philadelphia and  look up  this Pastor who was speaking regularly up in Kingston… what if... he was there and had time to sit and talk for a few…. hmmmm…    🙂

I found his Church in Philly, went to the office area and asked if he was available. His secretary was so sorry that I had  just missed him… he had left a few minutes before my arrival… then she suggested I might enjoy looking at the church book-table…  right over there.

I was not used to  “missing God”  like that… fully expecting Him to have pre-arranged my visit with the Pastor…. so… I figured it must be some book I was to find on their book table.  I searched thru one book after the other but nothing was leaping out at me and Phil was scratching his head wondering what was happening here.

The pastor had forgotten something, had driven back for it, his secretary explained to him what had happened, he came to me at the book-table, introduced himself and we went together to his office.  One of the most significant meetings I have ever had… one on one…. an hour or so together… he was relaxed… real… you would think he had nothing to do for the rest of the day.  Our time together had an impact on me in so many areas of my life…  I remain very, very thankful.

What if.… the importance of one on one… just two guys sharing their lives together…  what if …  that had broken thru in me way back then… I can tell you why it didn’t break thru….   next time…


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