this one’s for you, Tobie….

This is the kind of story I would share, one on one, over coffee with someone… as part of building our relationship together… like Bodie and I did…. getting together almost daily for 7 years… just sharing life with each other…

The story is to illustrate what I was trying to communicate last night….  “what if… you really hear what I am saying… really hear that we need to nail that natural man to the cross in Him… and  let it die there… no more doing things for God… no more   being somebody….  just at rest in Him…. enjoying His presence….

Stories help to  illustrate  what we say… bring it to life…  an experience we have gone thru personally…  a very important part of the process……  I actually mentioned the “experience”   quite a while back, by commenting on another person’s blog who had written that he was going to stop writing his blog….  my comment to him was about how the Lord had told me to stop writing at one point as well… that lasted for 4 years… it was that death process I wrote about yesterday… when it had brought about what God wanted to work into Philip, I was slowly released to write again.

A guy from South Africa happened to read that particular blog and was curious about this person who God told to stop writing… so he visited my blog, back in the beginning of August… liked what I was saying and signed up to follow my blog.  I wrote to him… he wrote to me… incredible small world stories… we have begun our relationship… so… this story is for you, Tobie… pretend we are having a coffee together…   🙂

I had stopped any kind of public ministry by then… no more pulpits, no preaching, no teaching, no counseling,  no more titles  (Pastor Phil, Evangelist Phil, Prophet Phil… I loved that stuff… the recognition, the adulation, the being “somebody”, feeling important, being on the  ‘cutting edge’  of what God was doing today… etc. etc. …. ad nauseum…

Except… I was still writing… guess what that was doing for my  natural man… you only get one guess… 🙂   it was giving Philip all that same stuff he was craving… even if on a very small scale….  so…. it was His time to  “kill that beast”… writing wasn’t wrong… or evil…. the  Problem was me… myself and I.…  and that is why He told me to stop writing.

It took 4 years… that’s a long time… He showed me many things in the process… painful things… tell you about that tomorrow.



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2 Responses to this one’s for you, Tobie….

  1. Thanks my brother. I love this, and I relate. The thing that fed my pharisaical flesh was a PhD in theology, which I had to drop. This changed my life, my teaching, my heart – the whole lot. And it brought me face to face with God’s Word. What a blessing to be liberated from systems of mediation, and learn to simply behold HIM!

    • yup… met more than a few PhD’s over the years… the more the education… the greater the issue… I did not even need an “education” like that… I already knew everything,,, EVERYTHING that needed to be known… and even beyond…. it was quite an experience when I finally discovered that I really didn’t know ANYTHING.. 🙂

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