philip’s personal pet peeve…

Of all of the  false presentations  of the gospel that I have been a part of… this thing I started to write about yesterday… that Jesus did it all for little old me… if I was the only person on earth at that time, God would still have sent His son to save me from Hell so I could go to heaven… that is the one at the top of my  pet peeve  list…  but…  it is the  next step in that presentation that really grabs me…

Not only did He do this  for Philip  because He loves me so much… but it doesn’t  cost me  a thing… it is  totally free… Father  paid the price  for me… by sending His Son to die for me… all I have to do is  accept this  and I can go to heaven…  isn’t that wonderful?   sorry…  NOT !!

Have you ever had anyone try to sell you something that is totally free?…  that doesn’t cost you a thing?   How did that go for you?   There is nothing that is  free… certainly not the price that Father paid with the death of His Son… it will cost me  everything...  He bought me with a price… He owns me… I am His possession… forsaking all that I have to follow Him… presenting my body a living sacrifice… He becomes more and more my life only as my natural man dies… inch by inch of me… Everything I am and everything I have belongs to Him…

Illustration:   We had our B&B for almost 20 years…  every school … every non-profit from near and far would make an appeal to us to offer a  “free night”  at the B&B for them to include in their fund raising event where they would auction  free things  to those in attendance.  It took me much too long to finally realize that folks were donating to the organization  and the free night was irrelevant because it was free… it had no value to them… the biggest issue was all the last minute calls where  they couldn’t make it  tomorrow and would want to reschedule for another night… or simply just not show up…

I stopped giving  free nights  to anyone for any reason…. because they had  no value…  reservations had a great value to people who paid something… there was a cost  to stay at our B&B… it was  valuable….. they paid for it.


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