what was your roughest day?…..

Ever thought about it.. thought about your roughest day…  days like I talked about yesterday… you know… “those days when life as we know it stops… then …life begins all over again…” … some crossroad… some end of the road… some end to a relationship..  life turns up-side-down and down-side-up – career change – lose your job…

Did you listen to that song I linked to on my last post?  That song was birthed out of one of those moments….   Hillary Scott   was supposed to give birth to her baby… she had a miscarriage… they lost their baby… it  gave birth to this song  instead… this song that I’m sure has blessed more people than just Philip.

We lost one of our babies that way too… won’t even know whether the child was a boy or a girl…  until we get to meet each other… that day when the Lord comes to pick me up… then we finally get to meet.  Those are the kind of moments I have been talking about…. where everything changes…. when the doctors tell you your precious little baby was born with a hole in her heart… or your 15 year old son has leukemia… or your manufacturing building burned down last night… or…  or…. or… it is life... and it goes on like that for me  until He comes  to take me home..

Guess what… when that day finally does get here… and he does come to pick me up… life as I know it will stop… and then begin all over again….

I do keep saying it… think on these things


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