South Africa… a note to Bodie….

a note to my friend Bodie…  actually its a question, Bodie... has the Lord been speaking to you about  moving to South Africa…  you know… like when He told you to move to Vermont from Florida 10 years ago?   Just wondering… 🙂    feel like I just went back in time to 2007 and the beginning of our 7 years together in Vermont…  I am enjoying a couple new blogs from down there in  South Africa…  couple great guys that the Lord is showing the same kind of things that I was starting to see….  back then… when you arrived here….  🙂

Anyone out there in Philip’s space that would like a  good read…?   feel free to  “meet”  my new friends.  My first contact was with Tobie… I’ve mentioned him before… but loved his writing that I have re-named   “the Banana Church”.…   🙂


Then there is Erroll …. this was written 5 years ago…

I did comment to both of them about what they had written…   my comments  were at the bottom of this post…. philip’s comments

Please feel free to comment yourselves…  or not….   🙂

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3 Responses to South Africa… a note to Bodie….

  1. Bodie emailed me about a group from the 90’s (a a couple names as well) wondering if you and Tobie know them?
    Capitol Royal Dynasty

    Ashley Mc Guicken
    Martijn Van Tilborgh
    Shaun Smit

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