T. Austin Sparks…

Shortly after my collision with God in 1968… I was introduced to what are called  “the deeper life authors”…. I began devouring, not only the bible, but deeper life author after author… we set up a booktable in our apartment of all these deeper life authors… then set up a non-profit 501c3 corporation named  Deeper Life, Inc…. which then became  Deeper Life Christian Bookstore  in 1970.

Right up there on the top of the list was  T. Austin Sparks…  I couldn’t get enough… he had a way of saying things that went right straight into my heart… the only problem I had… was that… what I would read, I would then interpret by my understanding of God, Christianity, and Religion… I would interpret from that place in God where I happened to be when I read it… and… of course… since Philip was always on the  “cutting edge”  of what God was doing…  the things Sparks was saying were always things about the religious systems I had come out of…

That went on until 1999… and my pity party painting my picket fence… then finally… by 2009 I began to see the  death process  which made things clearer and clearer about why Philip had to go thru all the painful experiences to eliminate my  natural man… and replace that with  His  very own Life…. the  weaker  I would get… the  stronger  He would get…

Remember when I said  how it made me feel  pretty important  when someone agreed with me that had died 50 or 100 years ago…   T. Austin Sparks died in 1971… he has said a lot about it…   True power from God’s standpoint is Calvary power. Christ crucified is the power of God. What is Calvary power? Well, it is emptiness of self, you and I being emptied of self”   …and Sparks was talking about a scripture penned by Paul… who died a few years before Sparks…  🙂 

 “Jesus said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me”

Much more yet to say….


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