Daily Open Windows…

There are daily readings by T. Austin Sparks that are posted on Facebook, on the internet or as daily emails from  Austin-Sparks.net …. created by a husband and wife team in 2001 from Wellington, New Zealand. Their intention was to make available the complete works of T. A. Sparks on the internet.  They have done this… They also have their  “Daily Open Windows”  which has excerpts from those works that are edited and abridged to keep them very short and readable, either as a daily devotional or to personally interact with the essence of what he is saying.

I personally enjoy interacting around what he has seen and then trying to express that, in my own words and experiences… express what those words mean to me today.

I have done that many, many times here on my  “Musings”… as I have thought about what the words say to me from that  Daily Open Window… the name taken from his quotation: “The best that I can hope is that this has just opened a window, and that as you look through it you are seeing one thing – how superior is Jesus Christ to all else!”T. Austin-Sparks

Sparks has continually done that for me… especially over these past 10 years… continually pointing me to  more and more  of Jesus… to Jesus plus nothing else… to keep pressing on into more and more of Him… to know for certain that I will never be able to  apprehend all that He is  in this lifetime… to keep me looking forward to that day… the day He returns… the day He returns  for me… to take me home with Him.

Life as I know it will change that day.  Oh what a day that will be… it will not be the  end of Philip… it will be the  beginning… the beginning of the  rest of my life in Him.


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