an illustration….

I was talking about interacting with the things that Sparks was saying in those daily readings… things like what I mentioned the other day about  “Power”  …  the power of God…. is emptiness of self, you and I being emptied of self”…  I’ve said a lot about His power this year… and the  manifestation  of His power being His ability to empty me of  me…. here is another illustration of Philip’s interacting with something Sparks had to say about that.

Oh, how very much there is of this self about us still! How we hate… being emptied of ourselves! What a terrible thing it is to feel our inability… to know that… in ourselves.. we count for nothing…  Oh, if only, to be ABLE!  And yet… have we not proved…. again and again… that our times of greatest emptiness and weakness have been the times when God has done the most, and He alone got glory… by what He Himself has done?”

I will say again how much I enjoy having someone like Sparks agreeing with me… 🙂

Even sadder is that every illustration from my personal experience that drifts thru my mind right now… things Philip did for God and were becoming successful.. (all for the glory of God of course)… things where He showed me… that what I was doing could be even more and more successful… then… He would tell me He was not going to do that… and that my success would become a failure.  Philip would go thru the pain of yet another failure..  where I was powerless to do anything about it… often times just the  “circumstances of life”… eg:  our very successful restaurant was located in a dying shopping center… just the locals who loved our place would drive into the huge empty parking lot to have dinner… I was helpless to do anything about that.

It was times like that when God did the most… and He alone got the glory… each time.. when a piece of Philip got emptied… and Philip began to learn that weakness is what God was after… not the great ability of Philip to do great things for God.

God does not care about all the great things Philip wanted to do for Him… He was after emptying me of me….

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