new directions…

Interesting couple of days here… I’ve had quite a few different conversations with the Lord…. asking Him  where to go or not to go  with my  “musings”… I was telling Him, I felt that I had written and shared about everything He has shown me… anything I would say would be just turning the diamond again, trying to show another facet… and I just didn’t feel that was necessary at this point.

He agreed with me…. and you know  how much I enjoy  people agreeing with me… 🙂

There are probably about 3 books in my archives up here… should anyone be interested in reading them… the story of  my life… my  death… and my  resurrection….  that first 32 years doing everything the  world said  was important… the next 32 years doing everything the  Church said  was important… and now working thru the last 32 discovering little by little what the  Lord says  is important….

My  musings  will become much more family news… what’s happening here where we live… health updates… ellen’s next creations…  all the kind of stuff that I thought Facebook was for… but… it isn’t any more… it has become a whole lot-a-bunch of other things instead.  I do plan to put my little daily note on Facebook… about my latest blog posting, with the usual link… and then look thru (as quickly as I can)  🙂  all the postings from the folks we know…  to see what is happening in their lives.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas… may your New Year be filled with everything the Lord has planned for us.


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2 Responses to new directions…

  1. Happy New Year to you too…. and I do think the Lord will show you 1 or 2 brand new things in 2018 !

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