true confessions…

We attend the Anglican Church that our children are part of… they have a 9:00am service,  then a 10:00am coffee/fellowship time, then an 11:00 higher church service…

The family goes to the early service, then we hang out with everybody during the 10:00 time… this last week they began a presentation during that hour on the Confessions of St. Augustine… it has been very interesting.

Tonight, I am bringing you the only copy available anywhere of the first Chapter of  the Confessions of St. Philip...  🙂

The last sketch I posted was the sketch I was working from in order to show Jesus laughing… not somber, not dying, not suffering, not wimpy, not crowned with thorns, not being beaten, crucified and dead on a cross… just Jesus laughing.

I couldn’t catch it… couldn’t get Him to smile… this is what I sketched… and couldn’t seem to change it, no matter what I tried to do…

If you tune in tomorrow… I will tell you  what Ellen had to say  to me about all that…
Chapter 2 of  the Confessions of St. Philip….

IMG_2798.JPG on the ‘morrow…

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2 Responses to true confessions…

  1. I’ll never forget the portrayal of Jesus we saw at a live show in Branson around 2000. It was the only time I saw a Jesus who laughed. I specially remember how he laughed as he healed people.

  2. awesome Kenny…. first time for me, was when I saw the sketch… blew me away… more on that tonight… Chapter 2 with ellen’s view… 🙂

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