Chapter Two….

So… in Chapter One of the Confessions of St. Philip, I said this about trying to sketch the drawing of Jesus smiling…   “I couldn’t catch it… couldn’t get Him to smile… this is what I sketched… and couldn’t seem to change it, no matter what I tried to do…”

I posted the sketch that I worked so hard on, as I tried to show   “Jesus Smiling”…. the sketch I put up last night … that kept changing as I tweaked it… from Jesus crying out, to Jesus in agony, to Jesus just screaming or grimacing in some way… but I could not get it to look like the original drawing of  Jesus laughing,  the one that I had finally posted the night before.

I talked with Ellen about it… where she suggested I might think about how I would:  “need to have that laughter in your heart, Phil… in order to  sketch it… you never laugh, Phil.”   It went right into my heart… I talked to the Lord about it. I asked Him to do what  I knew only He could do…. give me His laughing heart…

Always difficult for me to do… for a hundred different reasons.  The biggest one, I think, was what I had seen and felt was my calling… the knowledge that we have been born into a world that is at war...  much to yet talk about here…. I will steal another picture that shows this world we live in, as Philip sees it… not a laughing matter…

gonna give it a whirl on my sketch board… but it may take me a while…  🙂


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