ever since…

our world  is at war… ever since  Adam and Eve decided to eat from that Tree of  Knowledge  instead of the Tree of  Life… we humans decide for ourselves what is good and what is evil… what is right and what is wrong… and… ever since  Cain resolved his issue with his brother by  killing him .. that is the way mankind has resolved  our issues… we just  kill each other… when it is country against country or nation against nation… that is what we call  war….

it has been going on since the  beginning  and will continue till the  end.…  we will continue to think we can stop it all by doing what  we think is good  and stopping what we think is evil…  sorry… it just ain’t gonna happen… our plan  is to  stop war… stop people from killing people… but… all one has to do is look at the news each day…  how is that going?

I am so happy I stopped looking at the news… and much more happy that I stopped eating from the  Tree of Knowledge… and choose instead to partake of the fruit of the  Tree of Life...  the answers are there… and only there…  more to follow, of course…

meanwhile… the only things that change are the  uniforms and the weapons


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