a different war….

there is another war going on that lots of folks are not aware of… it is a spiritual battle…. it is very different from the physical wars raging around us… and this spiritual war never stops…  I get to  engage  in the conflict every day….

After putting on His armor and taking up His weapons, I enter the battle…

“I wield all these weapons against the Evil One… in the power of God… on this battlefield, this day….  because our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers and their rules….against the principalities and their principles… against the powers… both sets of powers… the world forces of this darkness, and the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. I am now able to…..not only resist and stand firm…. but continually attack the enemy. My weakness is your strength…any strength I have is simply your strength…”

There is absolutely  nothing physical  to do… just  speak  some words… declare  some truths… proclaim  His victory and His enemy’s defeat…. philip  doing nothing  beyond that is  so offensive  to my natural man…  to my  “self”  that simply must accomplish things… do things … reminds me of what my foreman used to say when I worked as the rookie on the roof… he loved to bust me…  “Do  something Wolff… even if it’s right”

I think that makes Him smile….  I think I’ll steal this picture before trying to sketch Him… 🙂



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