the casualties….

My burden though… is not the war… not the battles… my burden comes from  seeing all the casualties… all around me I see the  wounded  and the  dying… it kept me so motivated… trying to get people to see what was happening to them… to get them to see that the deceiver, the liar, the murderer, the evil one didn’t care whether people went off to bible school or the mission field when God really grabbed hold of their hearts… remember… that is what I was told by the man who led me to the Lord… Satan would just as soon  deceive me into Religion  as he would  turn me into a liar and murderer like himself…

I went the Religion route… pastored the perfect church for 10 years… ending up in tears of repentance, asking every person still around in the church for forgiveness…  I had given them another method… instead of  a living relationship…. by pointing them only to Him… having them seek Jesus and Jesus alone… not my system of following Him. It kept them reliant upon my system, my clever words, my doctrines, my ways to follow God… they learned to follow the system… and…  that never works…  my system just created hundreds more casualties instead.

It is so important to get to that place where I see  my helplessness  to give anyone a relationship with Him… to admit that… and know that all I can do is tell my stories and point them to the one..  the only one… who can change their lives forever… by replacing their lives with His very own life…

When we seek Him with all our heart… we shall surely find Him…. best to do that before we become another casualty…

AF25742 - First Aid Station with American Wounded-1.jpg

My plan is to work on  sketching all these wounded and dying soldiers…. we will see how that goes for the old fella’…..

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