our foundation…

I can never forget… it was June 24th, 1968… that was the day I met Him… on that date this year of 2018, it will be  50 years  that I have been  walking  with the Lord… it will be 18,250 days of  walking … I needed to have some really  good shoes  in order to do that.

My first  internal response … after telling Jesus He could have my life… was that I experienced  peace … it was the very first time in my life that I  experienced  peace…. I was 32 years old… and I had never experienced  peace before…

My feet had then been  shod with the gospel of peace.… the gospel of the  Kingdom  that Jesus said was  coming… the good news that  then did come  when He was set upon the throne of  His Kingdom… that day when  He ascended… to sit there at the right hand of the Father… His Peace was now available  to the human race… as never before…

That  Good News  is to be  “the firm footing of the believer”… enabling me to walk… oh, my… so much yet to say… so many sketches yet to draw… but I have no desire to draw feet… I want to draw faces… faces of all the heroes who have gone before…  this is about people… not feet…

this sketch is to honor one of God’s warriors…



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