sketching from photo…

I only tried this once before… (sketching from a photograph)… that was when I wanted to honor  T. Austin Sparks  … I knew I couldn’t offend him since he left here to be with the Lord almost 50 years ago…  but…. my second attempt... posted just below… is to honor our neighbor/friends that I wrote about the other day…  and they are very much alive… so please  don’t tell them  about this….   🙂

Actually… they have  their house  on the market … if anyone is looking for a  spectacular  experience… it is listed with Caldwell Banker… the same realtor that we are using… just do the “google thingy”…  🙂

Personally I believe their desire to leave Morrisville,  was prompted by the fact that we would  no longer be their neighbors  once our place was sold….. just sayin’… my personal opinion of course….   🙂


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2 Responses to sketching from photo…

  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    Ole, Ole, Ole!!!! Gotta love this one!

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