next honoree…

As most folks know, my brother Marc was my 12th birthday present…. you remember… right?… my only birthday present that year?…  🙂

My folks already had 3 boys then started a 2nd family 12 years later… first my brother. Marc… and then kept trying to see if they could have a girl… they did… my sister Maris… that 2nd family thing seemed to happen a lot back then…

One of my mom’s favorite cousins, received a little sister that way… her new cousin was 11 years younger than my mom… today she is 90… when she was growing up my mom was busy having babies… so…my  “second cousin Margaret”  was only 8 when I was born…

After all these years, Margaret somehow connected with me on Facebook… we banter back and forth regularly these days… she reads all my blog postings and even says nice things to me about them… which, of course, have continued to  encourage  the old fella in the things he  writes… and now… with the things he  sketches.

Cousin Margaret was a   “no brainer”  as my selection for the next person to honor in my sketchbook of  “honorees”…. she will probably know it  before  anybody else does… so it’s ok to tell her 🙂

Here is my sketch of a very special person in my life…  Margaret Hetzel….


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