health update…

thankful to report that all my  home health  visits have been stopped… in the morning I will be able to take my next  INR blood test  (checks how quickly the blood clots for folks  like me who are on warfarin) and this will be done on the  new machine  that Medicare has provided for me to do  my own testing… I will get to test my blood sugar in the morning as well … my sugar has also been very good.. the doctors actually only look at the blood sugar once every 3 months (a special test that gives them an average for that period)… but… I do look at my sugar every so often just to make sure it is ok…. hope to start lobbying soon to get off my  “sugar meds”…  🙂

Have already lobbied on my  blood pressure meds  (because my B/P was getting  way too low)… the doctor cut one dose in half – yes!!!!  It’s still too low… so I will now lobby with the other doctor (cardio lady) on Monday about that one again.

I am sleeping great these days…. and walking almost every day.  Thanks to Jennifer’s gift to us….  a “membership”  at Gordon to use their athletic facility… which has every workout machine known to man  –  (all of which I haven’t even thought about trying to use) … yet…   🙂   the biggie on this though is the great indoor track… 10 trips around is a mile…. after just 2 weeks  where I began with only three   “5 min laps”… I am  thrilled to report  working my way up to ten   “3 min laps”… it has been a long time since I was able to walk a whole mile… much less  even thinking about  breaking a 30 min mile pace….!!!!       🙂

Jennifer also told us about the Balance and Wellness Center at Gordon, where I have been accepted into a  6 week program  which is paid for by Medicare…  🙂   thank you all once again for continuing to work in order to make all my  “freebies”  possible…  🙂

After getting all of Jennifer’s help in my health department…  I had to give it a try… and  do a sketch of  her…. saying thanks… I love you….

Hope she can handle it!!!!    🙂  🙂  🙂


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4 Responses to health update…

  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    Best health report ever!!!! I am so happy to see your report as I’m sure your quality of life has improved for the better! And thanks to Jennifer for all of her help!

  2. Great to see you able to walk those miles!

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