of sketches and things…

Way back on January 21st I did this sketch….

img_2826.jpg and said these words…

Regardless how well we gird ourselves up… there are still casualties… still men to honor for laying down their lives for us.  The artist who did the original drawing, sketched a young man on October 31, 1944… it sounded like he was a good friend… and gifted sniper in his unit… then he just ends his story saying… he was killed.   Sad… always sad

I have been enjoying 8 note books full of this young man’s drawings… Victor Lundy… a 21 year old soldier, who sketched his way thru days of being trained for war, then crossing the ocean and landing in France.  He was wounded… but lived to become a renowned architect.  He is still alive today… 95 years young!

“War experience…  just hypnotizes young men.”    
“So said Victor Lundy, a World War II veteran who recorded many of his war memories through his sketchbooks, now donated to the Library of Congress.”

I think I have been hypnotized by Lundy’s sketches… especially the faces…I will soon be doing a sketch of Victor Lundy… but for now, I would like to show you two of his sketches… the young man sketched above was  Finey Towery…. Here is Lundy’s sketch that I worked from… alongside it is another sketch he did of Towery… helped me to feel better about my sketches, to see that Lundy was also not a portrait painter…. same guy… only different…    🙂


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