meet another friend…. JT….

Not only are we all unique… and see things differently for the all the reasons already mentioned… but…  we are all at  different places on our journeys… one of my best friends,  John Turner,  that I met several years ago… we are as different as two people can be… he loves guns… works part time in a gun store… goes to gun shows… even runs an annual machine gun shoot up in Vermont…. I will never own a gun again… had two a long, long time ago… got rid of both of them.

and… while  JT  loves all the exotic  specialty beers  they make these days in Vermont… I drink  Genesee... sometimes even  PBR, if it’s on sale and cheaper than Genesee … then… I went and switched to plain seltzer down here in Wenham.   🙂  He has long hair and a very   full beard…. I have a goatee, very short hair and tease him constantly that I will be happy to give him a haircut and shave for nada…. he has no interest in getting married…. I have been more than happily married for 50 years… and on and on…

What we do have in common is that we are both following the Lord with all that we are… to discover  more and more of His Life,  as He works that Life into us by His Spirit… and neither of us will ever stop seeking more…  regardless where we are in our individual journeys….. just going on in our lives… being who we are… where we are… each day…

Meet John Turner....


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