meet Ramish…

Not only do we all interpret everything differently… but we do that from our own uniqueness… different experiences… different cultures… different everything… here is an example… it’s a story of course…. 🙂

Several months back, I wrote about meeting a young man on Facebook…. 22 year old Ramish Thomas… from Pakistan… very similar to my meeting of Shahzad a couple years back… who was also from the same area of Pakistan as Ramish… but they did not know each other.  The militant Islamics were trying to kill Shahzad…. it got so bad he finally had to  “disappear”  from public.  I have heard that he is still alive.  As an American christian, I have no understanding of living as a christian in a country like Pakistan.

Yet… God has chosen… sovereignly… that we have this  one on one  relationship by messaging back and forth to each other on Facebook.  He calls me  “Grandpa”… not sure why of course, since there is only 60 years difference in our ages…  🙂  He tells me his stories… I tell him my stories.  He serves the Lord the way  he has learned… I serve the Lord the way  I have learned.  We will both continue to learn and grow to see what that will look like in the years we have left to live our lives in Him.

He is very busy, openly serving God, in Pakistan… where it is very dangerous to do that. Check out his  Gallery Page Link   and you can see pictures of all the things he is doing… bible distribution, serving the poor in every conceivable way….

I send him no money…

Meet Ramish Thomas!


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