another great report…

Cardio doctor’s visit Monday was beyond anything I had been hoping for…  I was lobbying for  3 things...

1) – I take 2 different pills to lower my blood pressure… had lobbied my regular doctor on my B/P being too low… he cut the dosage of one pill in half… but… it was still very low… so… I kept daily records for over a month, made my case and cardio lady agreed… she cut the dosage of that same pill in half once again… as I continue to record my daily readings… for next time… since I continue to still be running  “low”…  🙂

2) – Next was my diuretics… I was taking 2 different pills (3 of one of them (Torsemide) and one other pill) for eliminating water…   my regular doctor was concerned about my kidneys so he had cut me back to two Torsemide… then I got a bad kidney report from blood tests, so he dropped the Torsemide to just 1 dose)… I kept lobbying on Monday since my legs are looking normal most of the time and my weight seems to have stabilized around 195…   cardio lady then eliminated the one other pill entirely and the Torsemide  got cut in half …. yessssss!!!!!

3) – My biggest issue though was my INR readings (blood thinning test) that determines the amount of Warfarin (Coumadin) I have to take… I was having WWIII with the  “clinic”  that cardio lady had sent us to… up till Monday I had been self-medicating for over a month since my trying to  reason   with the  Clinic Nurse  who finally said ok to what I proposed… then basically  “had to get off the phone”….but never plugged the dosage into their system… she hadn’t returned Ellen’s calls until yesterday (no comment on the silly conversation)… I think cardio doctor must have said something… since the doctor had agreed with what I was saying… and officially put me down for the dosage I had been self-medicating for the past month…  🙂

They are happy with the sugar testing every 3 months… but I still check it myself maybe once a week…. helps me keep an eye on it so I don’t do anything stupid…  who?  me?  do something stupid?   🙂   🙂

My balance continues to get better with each trip to the  Balance and Wellness Center…

Cardio lady was thrilled with my walking progress… I am working on a Mon/Tues – Thurs/Fri  walk schedule at Gordon College… now able to do all 10 laps each time, to get in the full mile… yesterday was the first time I broke 3 min laps… 29.5 min pace…

Sleeping has become what I do best… 2 to 4 hrs at a clip these days… 8 or 9 hrs at night… then one or two naps during the day.. for an hour or two…  it’s a hard-knock life…  🙂

I never expected the Lord to let me get back to this kind of health… I had talked it all out with Him… if He had His reasons why I was not to be another  Caleb,  that was fine…  Your Will Be Done, Lord…  Needless to say… I am beyond thankful…

It fits very well with my understanding of  “insofar as it depends on me… I will_________”  My understanding of that is to continue to give everything (that I can still sorta-kinda do) …. my very best shot…  some say I  “overdo”  everything…  🙂  sorry… I’m gonna push myself till their ain’t no push left…  🙂

May send a sketch up later on if I can get it done… wanted to get this health update out… busy around here with both Jen and Dano away again until Sunday…  🙂

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