good report….

I am thankful and very pleased to report about my visit to the doctor, just an hour ago.  Thought I would post it here on my blog to bring those who follow my “Musings” into the flow of what has been happening.

Never been this sick before…. it is pneumonia… doctor was happy with the progress this week,… says  “it will take another 2 weeks to feel like you used to feel.”  I needed to correct him though and made sure he understood that, at almost 83,  I will  never feel  the way I used to feel….  🙂

Hopefully I will be able to start doing my walking after that two weeks…. maybe finish up some sketches I have wanted to do… and begin to write again…

We shall see.  I’m not in charge of that department…. actually not very many departments… but…  “in so far as I am able, I will_____________”… the rest is up to Him.

Must be time for another nap….   🙂

Photo on 3-1-18 at 5.44 PM.jpg

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2 Responses to good report….

  1. Praying that you will be as fit as an octogenarian can possibly be !

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