at long last…

Starting to feel human again… was able to stay alert for a couple 4 to 6 hr clips yesterday and actually  “do”  a couple things… then enjoyed  7 straight hours  of sleep for the first time in my adult life.

The area got hit with hurricane winds and a  “bomb cyclone”… whatever that is… trees and limbs were down all over the property and the kid’s trampoline was totally relocated, lifted straight up and then redeposited else where…  🙂  Nothing serious here though… lots of serious elsewhere… we never lost power… there are many areas right around us still without power today.  There was a gas line explosion in Wenham with fire everywhere shutting down a street very near to where we are… that one even made the  “News”….

Then I wrote a little bit last nite… and pushed the  “post”  button, just as we lost our internet connection… also ended up losing the  “post”… may try again later today…   🙂

With no internet, that also meant no TV… so… I actually attacked finishing my sketch of the Wallace’s visit to the B&B, back in 2011…  Need to say some things about  “Relationships”… soon… I’ll tie it in somewhere today…  🙂IMG_2900.JPG

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