the doctor said two more weeks to go, once the anti-biotics are done…  hoping that it is true… no more than the next week and a half left… seems like I get a couple hours or so of being alert, in between naps…  continue to run out of energy so quickly… I miss my writing… my sketches… talking with other people… being with other people…  It’s getting old!   🙂

Since I love  “order”  and  “structure” – which seem so sadly lacking in our world these days –  I am going to attempt to compartmentalize my life a little more.. if such a thing is possible… 🙂    Hoping this will keep me a bit more focused in the use of my time.

First I want to get back to writing more… and turn my  “Musings”  back into just saying the things that are running around in me.

philips-consulting.com   will continue to take care of business consulting and personal counseling.

I am thinking about another web-site for family things and pictures…  may even have another site for my sketches.  Perhaps something like this will help to keep me out of trouble….  🙂

we shall see…. hoping anyway….


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2 Responses to hoping….

  1. Praying for you…peace while you heal, clarity comes by resting and waiting most times. love you. M

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