is it circumstances?…

Lots of folks believe that the circumstances of our lives are what  mould us  into who we are… that premise had Bodie and I going back and forth with a few emails today.  There are also others that believe it is prayer that  moulds our lives… not circumstances….

Philip and Bodie believe any discussion on the subject should start with defining what  prayer  is… is it a time in the day when I lift up everything I feel is important to God and ask Him to bless it… is it a time of telling Him everything I would like Him to do for me… is it holding up my “list” of desires for others and for myself…  ?   hmmmmm…

Bodie and I look at  “prayer”  as simply talking to God about   “whatever”…  ongoing… all day long… based on our relationship with Him…. we simply …walk and talk with Him in the Garden of our lives… we talk with Him about all the things that are going on in our lives… all our circumstances… our desires… our ‘druthers’… anything going on in our hearts… everything that is  happening as we move along on our journey thru this life… and… stuff is happening all the time… in our lives, our family’s lives, our friends lives….

Then… out of my desire to know Him, to hear His voice, to follow Him and seek Him with all my heart…. wanting only what He wants… I am able to see  “all circumstances”   as from His hand… all arranged to bring about His purpose in my life… all things that He is using to  “mould”  us into the image of His son….

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4 Responses to is it circumstances?…

  1. Tobie says:

    My heart leapt with joy as I read this. How can it be anything else? I think we should make a new acronym and distribute it around the world as the final theological statement of this present age – IRS!!!

    It’s ROMANCE, stupid!

    Much better than TULIP, isn’t it? 🙂

    • I would probably change “stupid” to “silly” lest someone think I was pretending to be “smart”… 🙂 Or maybe just use the old “KISS” formula…. “keep it simple silly”… hey…. if “silly phily” can keep it simple, anybody can… 🙂
      Certainly much better than Calvin’s perfect system or every other perfect system developed by every denomination ever… including my own perfect system (which was the best, of course)…aaarrgh…. so thankful for forgiveness…. 🙂

  2. Tobie says:

    PS: Guess that makes me a 3 point Lover of Christ…

  3. do you preach “3 point sermons”… ???? 🙂

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