it keeps coming back to….

Relationships…  no matter which way we go or what Philip talks about… it all just keeps coming back to this one most important thing…   relationships

Once we have established the one most important relationship  (our relationship with God) … He wants us to start building relationships with others… now that we have His love in us… we are able to love others… as much as we love Him and ourselves.

It is Rule No. 6 of Philip’s 7 rules that I lay out in my business consulting site….

6 – Relationships
Our relationships are the most important thing in our lives… certainly with those we are reaching out to for business but not just with our customers… never sacrifice your family and friends to accumulate more and more “business”.
Rule No. 6:    Always make time for family and friends… nothing is more important to a successful life and successful business than our time with those we love. I try to treat every person that visits or calls as if they were the only thing I have to do for the rest of the day… I think my wife appreciates it when she knows she has 100% of Philip when we communicate… 
I will be posting about another special relationship tonight on my personal blog…  check it out…

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2 Responses to it keeps coming back to….

  1. Joseph Pastina says:

    Jn 13:34-35…(Jesus said) A new commandment I give unto you is that you love one another as I have loved you, That you have love one for another. By this, all men shall know you are my disciples if you have love one for another.

    • eggzactly what I was talking about, Joe… unfortunately, religion turns that verse into the “new law” for us to live and feel guilty about when we are in fact not able to obey and love others that way… only His life in us is able to obey that commandment. The Law was given to show us we cannot obey the Law… only His Son was able to do that… which is why He puts me to death and replaces my life with His life…. Hallalujah!

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