have you ever wondered….?

I did promise more…  🙂

So… have you ever wondered why it is that every religious system works at keeping me guilty, while Jesus tells me I am free from all that guilt… that somehow it was me… I put Jesus on that cross, tortured Him, and killed Him… if I was the only human being in the whole world… Jesus would still have died for me…. (I am not even close to being the only human being ever on the planet)

While scripture actually tells us that  Father  sent His son to the cross to make it possible for Him to have many more sons in Him…. religion does its very best to keep people in bondage to their system…. enslaves people… motivates us thru guilt and keeps us constantly confessing our sin while giving us countless  things to do  in order to earn our salvation…..  just like Captain Miller told Private Ryan….  all these men died to save you….  now…. “earn it”….   how did that work out for you Private Ryan?

When I was growing up Catholic, I would beat my breast saying  “Mea culpa…mea culpa… mea maxima culpa”… (thru my fault… thru my fault… thru my most grievous fault”…)   When I  “sinned”  during the week  (not  IF but WHEN)  I had best get to confession right away so I could be forgiven by the priest…. because… should I be  killed  before I confessed my  mortal sin, I would go straight to hell… I would not past go… or collect $200…. This is not  Monopoly  Philip… this is  Religion

Each religious system has it’s own way of putting us in bondage…  do you pray as a congregation every Sunday a  prayer of confession…?    are you constantly reminded about how  your sin  put Jesus on the cross… ?   And regularly exhorted to stop sinning, straighten up and fly right… even though the scripture is very clear in telling us that the  “the Law was given”… in order to show us that the  “Law is impossible for us to keep “

Why do you think religion does this… instead of showing us   “who shall deliver me from this body of death”.… hmmmm…

I thank God that my Lord Jesus Christ is the  only one  who can set me free…. religion will never do that….

How that works… on the ‘morrow’…

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