another sabbatical? … hmmmm…

Good question… is this one just  “another sabbatical”  for Philip  …  or is this the one where Philip just lets everything go and simply  “rests in Him”   until He comes to pick Philip up?   hmmmm…

I don’t know the answer to that… just yet… but…. I hope  I can simply do the  “resting thingy”  for the rest of the journey … not an easy thing for a Type “A” obsessive/compulsive like me…  🙂

It began several days ago after I had retired for the night… I was soon aware that I was standing in a pulpit addressing a congregation  (whether in the body or out of the body, I know not 🙂 )  but there I was… the guy who would  “never preach to a congregation again”… just up there  preachin’  up a storm… next thing I know, I am back in my recliner, thinking about what I would say if I ever was actually invited to speak somewhere again…. hmmmm… it just flowed thru me…. one thing after the other… all the things (the only things) I would ever want to say to a large group of people… to a captive audience like that.

I woke up with all that swimming around in me… and asking the Lord what the heck that was all about.  My structured mind and way of approaching things was pretty certain the Lord was telling me to do a  “series”  on my blog here… treating all these things I would want to say.  Then… the thought comes…  “but Philip… you have already written about all of these things… several times… over the past couple years… what are you going to do now?  Just say them all again… a little differently this time… telling some different stories?”   

To make a longer story short… I had a nice long Skype chat yesterday with my buddie Bodie… then talked to the Lord about a whole lot-a-bunch of stuff… and have come to the conclusion that it is time for me to be quiet again.. and just rest in Him...  I think He is going to take me deeper into this experience than I have ever been before.

Happy to chat with anybody on Skype at any time about anything… my Skype name is:   philipvilvic

I am terrible on  “the telephone”….

But very happy to use email… you know… the old fashioned way.…

I do not expect to do very much on Facebook…  but you can always  “message me”   there if you like…  🙂

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