sabbatical ends (again)….

Pleased to report that after a 2 month sabbatical, I have once again been given a release to begin writing.  It will be a little different…..shorter “Musings”… hopefully more inspirational ones… more focused ones… all based on things that I have experienced during my 50 year walk with the Lord…

I had two very neat experiences over the last weekend… where the Lord once again has “tweaked” the old fella’s heart and taken me a little further into His heart… as He continues to change me each day to hopefully look a little more like Himself… 🙂

These two recent experiences were very inspirational… I am hoping that the things I will be sharing in the months to come will be inspirational to you as well.  The Lord is expanding my understanding and experiences, as I continue along on my journey in Him.

More and more I am seeing how things  ‘add up’…  as I live according to the new math He has given me….     Jesus + Nothing = Everything


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6 Responses to sabbatical ends (again)….

  1. Joseph Pastina says:

    Welcome back my friend looking forward to reading more musings

  2. I agree with Joseph!

  3. I missed your posts…great to see their return !

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