do what is in your heart….

“…. everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”   Judges 21: 25

This is a statement of the human condition… presented very negatively in the old testament… Hold on for minute… what else would fallen man do?  We all have eaten from the wrong tree… that Tree of Knowledge … so we can be as God… so we can decide what is right and what is wrong… what else would we do but  “what is right in our own eyes.”  That’s what our natural man does… all the time.

But…. we are living in the  new testament  now… Jesus has come to live His life in us…  if we have  “abandoned”  ourselves to Him… He then puts things in our hearts to do…. if we are trusting Him…. trusting that it is His voice we are following… it is imperative then to make the choice to  “do what is in our hearts”….

I will try to expand this a little more tomorrow…  🙂

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