we have options…

We could do this.  We could do that.  We could do the other also.  But… what … is in our hearts... what has been cooking in there but never expressed… what is it that I really, really, really would like to do.

That time when I explained to our son, what I meant about his “doing what is in your heart to do” … I showed him some options that he could think about, based on his background and life up to this point…

He had graduated with a justice degree from American University… so I told him he could go back and pursue a law degree and be an attorney.

He had leukemia at age 15… so I told him he could come back to Vermont and become a doctor of oncology at UVM Medical School.

He was a high school basketball superstar… so I told him he could come back to Vermont and coach his old high school’s basketball team.  Don’t make it about “money”… just make it about what is in your heart.

You could put all your belongings in a back pack and just travel wherever you have ever  wanted to go…. just be a vagabond… travel the world!

You are our son.  We love you. We will support you in whatever choice you make.

We all have options and choices to make.  Personally, I just want what God wants… then I believe that what is in my heart is what He put there… I also know that  I am His son… that He loves me… that He will support me in whatever choice I make.

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  1. Joseph Pastina says:

    thank you, my friend

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