doing “big” things….

I have been a part of several  big movements  in my Christian journey…. when I had my collision with God, I was sent directly into  “fundamental evangelicalism”…. soon had an experience with God that sent me on into  “Pentecostalism” … from there into  “Para-Church-ism”…  then the  “Charismatic Movement”  …. and finally the     “Shepherding and Discipleship Movement”….  now I simply walk with Him , enjoy His fellowship and watch Him do all the work…  one person at a time.

I not only became very  anti-religion-anti-religious  in whatever shape or form it appears, but became totally against anything  “Big”  being done for God…. that is… until that weekend I wrote about back on June 6th … about those 2 experiences that I had.

One was a little kid’s book I read… that I had bought for Nate’s birthday… the title was   “Dream Big”.. written for children of all ages… especially  this  almost 83 year old child…  🙂

It was written by the 63 year old director of the Boston Marathon.… here is a link to the story of how it came about…      Dave McGillivray

I was total mush after I read the book.  I can barely begin to tell you how it challenged all my previous thinking…  but I will give it a whirl… of course… you already knew that.


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