the book…

I’ve mentioned the little book  “Dream Big”  a number of times now…and… how I was reduced to  “mush”  as I read thru it.  It is all pictures and short sentences… a kid’s book… the guy’s personal story of his  “dream”  to be a professional athlete… He was short… skinny… the last guy to be picked in a pick-up game of anything… he was pretty discouraged… even asked God to  “make him grow”  … he started running and began to dream of running the Boston Marathon…

His grandfather encouraged him… told him he would be at the finish line… waiting to cheer for him… but the young man hadn’t put in the  “hours of training drudgery”  necessary to run a marathon… and crashed around the 20 mile mark… with grandpa still waiting at the finish line… but… his grandfather continued to encourage him… challenged him to keep putting one foot after the other… the hours and hours of running every day… that are necessary to prepare for the next Boston Marathon… and promised him once again to be there… waiting for him at the finish line…

Grandpa died before the race.  Philip came unglued.  The young man went on this time to finish the race.   Today   Dave McGillivray   organizes the Boston Marathon and inspires young and old alike to  dream big… as he continues to challenge himself as well, to accomplish his next personal  big dream.

I hope to be able to encourage Nate to  dream big  and will try to be there for as many of his finish lines as the Lord has left for me.


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2 Responses to the book…

  1. Sherrie Peterson says:

    I really enjoyed this particular musing tonight! Nate is lucky to have you in his life. And on a more selfish note, I sure miss my BFF!!!

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