the second thing…

The second thing that happened on that weekend when I read the book  “Dream Big” … was a guest speaker at the church we attend….  where Jen and Dano and family are involved… I was working very hard to try to hear what he was saying… my hearing amplifier wasn’t working, the microphone system is not very good there, and the acoustics are pretty bad… so… I was catching bits and pieces….

He started with the same scripture I have been talking about for a long time now…..   “… far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men”   Romans 12:18   He had my attention.

Actually… he was saying a lot of things that I have been saying… except… it was all about a very big  (spelled H U G E)  ministry, where thousands and thousands of young people are reaching out to other young people  to bring peace… in countries where there is very little peace.  They are basically a Christian organization but are not doing this to convert people… but n to bring peace  to places like the Congo and a bunch of other such countries…  and…  it is working.

I am not pushing their ministry… I am simply sharing  my response   to what the man was saying.. it was a very  BIG  ministry… and… of  course…  that could not be good.

What did you say Lord?  It could be good?  No?  It  is  good?


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