…into the sunset!

It’s time… time for philip to  “ride off into the sunset”…  I believe the Lord wants me to spend whatever days I have left, just  “walking and talking with Him in the garden of my life”... a phrase I have often used up here in my “Musings”….

I felt that an appropriate way to leave would be to share once again, the most significant things He has said to me since my pretty dramatic collision with Him back on June 24th, 1968…. I will be celebrating 50 years of walking with the Lord just 10 days from now.

The first thing He said,  after 32 years of working very hard trying to  “serve the Lord”  was after my pity party at the fence in 1999 when He said so gently and lovingly…  “Philip… I never asked you to do anything for me… all I ever wanted was a relationship with you…”

It took me 10 years to even begin to understand that that is actually  exactly what He meant.   But the  “doing of things”  was so ingrained after all my years of  “religious activity” … that in 2009, even after gaining this incredibly different understanding of God and what He is really after…  there I was again, asking Him… “So Lord… you have taught me all these wonderful things… what do you want me to do with them?”…. once again… that sweet, loving voice said so very simply…  “Philip… just be who you are… where you are”.

Still needed another almost 10 years of walking this out to finally realize that entering His rest truly meant to cease from “all my works”  and just let the Father do whatever it is that He wants to do.

I will be trying to walk this way for the rest of my days, doing the above things,  together with the most recent things I have seen about  “doing what is in my heart to do” … each day… knowing that what I want,  is whatever He wants…. and He is the one putting things into my heart.  Your will be done Lord…. not mine.

“So far as it depends on me”… this is the way I will live.  My  “Musings”  have ended.

Happy to interact with any one, any time… just send me an email:   philipthewolff@gmail.com



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