movies, hero’s and WWII…

My life has been greatly impacted by movies… (one of the ways I would scratch my itch to be a professional actor)🙂   Especially movies about WWII…. I talked about that on my Audie Murphy sketch… as I worked my way thru what I wrote back on 9/15,  I realized why I did not want to go to Korea or to Viet Nam… they were different kinds of wars… no longer protecting our country from the evil invaders… now the wars were fought with no intention of “winning them”… they were all offspring of the “Dark Coins”… political, economic or whatever… it was a whole different set of emotions that went along with those very different kinds of wars… glad I have stopped wrestling.

In 1970, the movie  “PATTON” was released… it won all the awards… I thought George C. Scott was totally inside Patton… both of them are my heroes…. think it’s time to watch it again….  🙂


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