my baby brother… my hero….

Most of the movies about the War in Vietnam were a sign of the times…. our soldiers were depicted as crazies, drug addicts, rapists, baby killers and the like… not very edifying… not very entertaining… then… finally.. in 2002… the movie  “We Were Soldiers”  was released… and redeemed the whole thing for me…

Meanwhile, my baby brother Marc, had spent a year flying helicopters in Vietnam… he was conducting combat flight operations, as both pilot and platoon leader, responsible for a flight of 8 helicopters.  He would tell us at home not to worry… he was the best pilot in the unit, so all the generals wanted to fly in his chopper and generals don’t like to be shot at.

I should have known something was a little off about that statement as I recalled watching General Patton standing in the middle of the street firing his hand gun at an airplane that was shooting at him, bullets bouncing all around him….  hmmmm…

Then I saw the movie… and met a helicopter pilot … his name is  Major Bruce “Snake” Crandall…. played by Greg Kinnear in the movie.  That’s when I realized what Marc was  “actually”  doing.  He was another “snake”… just 5 years later…  First… here is a picture of Greg Kinnear as Snake….  then my sketch of baby brother Marc… another Snake….  🙂IMG_3310.jpg



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