more heroes… of course…

Darryl and Martha Rodman  came into our lives in the early 2000’s… they had an Apostolic ministry to the East Coast…would fly out from their home in the Seattle Area and visit churches all over the NorthEast… one group was up in the Morrisville, VT area.  They would stay with us at our B&B and we became very good friends.  Eventually they even purchased a second home in Connecticut to help with all the travel.

I always looked forward to their next visit… Darryl would sit down with his guitar to worship in our living area and I would join him with my harmonica… we would just go on and on and on… I do miss those times.

We had just been with them, they drove back to CT and were scheduled to fly back to Seattle on April 22, 2010… I sent them a Facebook note to  “have a ‘bon voyage’…” 

Darryl had a heart attack in the airport, followed by a massive stroke.  The Lord was merciful to Martha and the family…. miraculously He kept Darryl alive to give family and friends time to adjust to all that had just happened.

Jesus came to pick Darryl up and bring him home on October 5, 2012…. that will be 6 years ago in a couple days.  He was a hero of the faith, fought the good fight and finished the course.  Martha continues to minister as the Lord opens doors to her.

Their story is on their web-site for   Impart Ministries…. just click the link.

We all miss him.


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2 Responses to more heroes… of course…

  1. Oh Phillip–thank you for your kind and moving words…and your sketching. He was an amazing man, wasn’t he–like you–he loves Jesus with His whole heart. Not a small part, but His whole heart. Hugs my friend, thank you for remembering him and our family during this memory season. love, Martha

  2. Asking Him for grace for you and the whole family… for yet another ‘memory season’… love from our house to yours… 🙂

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