our latest export… obesity…

Amazing… it really is… just how good we are at exploiting the nation here in America… ever since our great greed concocted the horror of the  “FOOD PYRAMID” back in the 70’s… giving us the most obese/sick/medicated nation in the world… but now… we are working at sending it all over the world.
This is a letter I sent to a friend about a recent conversation we had.  The purpose was to try to help him and others with health issues.   Hopefully it will help all of us.  I know it has done wonders for me… far beyond my weight problem.  My early  attempt to help with the obesity issue, was a website I did some time back…   it is well worth a look or two.    https://philips-weightplan.com
What was written to my friend is about all the health issues that were caused by my weight problems.  Think seriously about what I am trying to communicate …. a total  lifestyle change…. costs you nothing… totally free… not a part of the billion dollar empires of big business, big pharma, big medical and the other billion dollar empires of diets and specialty foods.
Thanks for listening.
This is the link to the Facebook postings I told you about last time we were together.


Navid’s passion is to help people stop killing themselves with what we eat. The majority of his postings are attacking all the lies we have been fed from the major food processors (especially the sugar industry, cereal makers and food packagers) and “Big Pharma”, together with the Medical Profession who have lobbied for gov’t approval… and gotten it… their really big win was the food pyramid back in the ’70’s…. resulting in the most obese nation in the world.

Navid is passionate, attending the “obesity conferences” and standing against the “group” as they work at “coming up” with yet another pill for the 70% of our overweight nation… proclaiming instead to tell folks to stop eating all the sugar, cereals etc… and get healthy by eating the right foods.
Navid never prescribed a pill for me. Instead, he has educated me on a food pyramid that is upside down from the government’s version and freed me from all we have ever heard about those terrible eggs, evil butter and steak, etc… He taught me  Low Carb – High Fat.  It has changed my life and the Lord appears to be using it to give me a few extra years to pursue my own passions.
My younger brother took (or forgot to take) 22 pills every day, till his death in hospice just before his 77th birthday.
I am down to only 5 pills now… Coumadin for my A-Fib, so my blood stays thin and doesn’t clot… Potassium because I have a potassium depletion issue… Torsemide (diuretic) to keep the water out of my legs, caused by my diabetes (which thankfully is now gone) the diabetes, not the water issues…  🙂   Lisinopril for my congestive heart failure (down now to the lowest dosage available at 2.5mg) … I used to take 3 pills for my heart, got rid of 1, next got the other two dosages cut in half, next got another one eliminated…. also take a med for my Thyroid condition which has done wonderful things for my skin issues.
My breakfast before, was always cereal.… It is now 2 eggs over easy, cooked in butter, one slice of Muenster cheese melted into them and 3 strips of bacon (up from 2 since my appetite has now increased as I get healthier)….  🙂
War on obesity is one of my passions… 🙂   Helping people get free.. from everything… is another passion…




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