more heroes… of course…

Darryl and Martha Rodman  came into our lives in the early 2000’s… they had an Apostolic ministry to the East Coast…would fly out from their home in the Seattle Area and visit churches all over the NorthEast… one group was up in the Morrisville, VT area.  They would stay with us at our B&B and we became very good friends.  Eventually they even purchased a second home in Connecticut to help with all the travel.

I always looked forward to their next visit… Darryl would sit down with his guitar to worship in our living area and I would join him with my harmonica… we would just go on and on and on… I do miss those times.

We had just been with them, they drove back to CT and were scheduled to fly back to Seattle on April 22, 2010… I sent them a Facebook note to  “have a ‘bon voyage’…” 

Darryl had a heart attack in the airport, followed by a massive stroke.  The Lord was merciful to Martha and the family…. miraculously He kept Darryl alive to give family and friends time to adjust to all that had just happened.

Jesus came to pick Darryl up and bring him home on October 5, 2012…. that will be 6 years ago in a couple days.  He was a hero of the faith, fought the good fight and finished the course.  Martha continues to minister as the Lord opens doors to her.

Their story is on their web-site for   Impart Ministries…. just click the link.

We all miss him.


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heroes for many years now….

We have all been born into a world  “at war”… sometimes it takes a little longer to finally discover it, but once we do, everything changes.  These heroes have been at it for quite a few years.  Nancy  worked for us at our  Christian Center Bookstore in Allendale, N.J. and also lived with us for several years in Ramsey.   She was part of our church.  We believed the scripture told us that  “God sets the solitary in families” … so we made sure that all the unmarried members, all the  “singles – the solitary”,  were living with one of our church families to help them as they grew in the Lord.  Nancy lived with us.

Along the way she met  Kenny Baker… I had the privilege of marrying them on November 6, 1982… where they joined to walk together in this war against the evil one and have fought the good fight together almost 36 years.  Both are devotional writers.  May the Lord continue to bless the many years you have left here together.   🙂


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another Vietnam hero…

Here is my sketch of  Mel Gibson  as  Col. Hal Moore  in my all time favorite movie……      “We were Soldiers”


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the rest of the story….

You can get a pretty good idea of what  Marc  was really, really doing in  Viet Nam… and it wasn’t flying  Generals  around who didn’t want to be shot at…  🙂

What do you think?  When you have an hour to watch a great documentary by the Discovery Channel  about  Marc’s life  from the Vietnam War  in 1969 to the making of “Tomorrow Never Dies”  (a James Bond  film in 1997)… Here is a link… it was titled  “Shoot to Thrill” ….

See if you agree that he was doing  Snake  kinda thingys…. and let me know.

Bruce Perry (Snake) Crandall (born February 17, 1933) is a retired U.S. Army officer who received the Medal of Honor for his actions as a pilot during the Battle of Ia Drang on November 14, 1965 in South Vietnam. During the battle, he flew 22 missions in an unarmed helicopter into enemy fire to evacuate more than 70 wounded and bring ammunition and supplies to US forces. By the end of the Vietnam War, he had flown more than 900 combat missions.

Hmmmm….  I wonder…..


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my baby brother… my hero….

Most of the movies about the War in Vietnam were a sign of the times…. our soldiers were depicted as crazies, drug addicts, rapists, baby killers and the like… not very edifying… not very entertaining… then… finally.. in 2002… the movie  “We Were Soldiers”  was released… and redeemed the whole thing for me…

Meanwhile, my baby brother Marc, had spent a year flying helicopters in Vietnam… he was conducting combat flight operations, as both pilot and platoon leader, responsible for a flight of 8 helicopters.  He would tell us at home not to worry… he was the best pilot in the unit, so all the generals wanted to fly in his chopper and generals don’t like to be shot at.

I should have known something was a little off about that statement as I recalled watching General Patton standing in the middle of the street firing his hand gun at an airplane that was shooting at him, bullets bouncing all around him….  hmmmm…

Then I saw the movie… and met a helicopter pilot … his name is  Major Bruce “Snake” Crandall…. played by Greg Kinnear in the movie.  That’s when I realized what Marc was  “actually”  doing.  He was another “snake”… just 5 years later…  First… here is a picture of Greg Kinnear as Snake….  then my sketch of baby brother Marc… another Snake….  🙂IMG_3310.jpg



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movies, hero’s and WWII…

My life has been greatly impacted by movies… (one of the ways I would scratch my itch to be a professional actor)🙂   Especially movies about WWII…. I talked about that on my Audie Murphy sketch… as I worked my way thru what I wrote back on 9/15,  I realized why I did not want to go to Korea or to Viet Nam… they were different kinds of wars… no longer protecting our country from the evil invaders… now the wars were fought with no intention of “winning them”… they were all offspring of the “Dark Coins”… political, economic or whatever… it was a whole different set of emotions that went along with those very different kinds of wars… glad I have stopped wrestling.

In 1970, the movie  “PATTON” was released… it won all the awards… I thought George C. Scott was totally inside Patton… both of them are my heroes…. think it’s time to watch it again….  🙂


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another special hero…

Thomas McCloy was a very special man in my life, although I never had the pleasure of meeting him.  At 21 years of age he enlisted to serve his country in the U.S.Army… it was  November 16th, 1942 …he enlisted for the duration of the war plus 6 months.

He had met Mary Donaldson and they were married before he was shipped overseas, where he was part of a reconnaissance team for the rest of the war, serving with Patton in Europe till the war ended in 1945.  On July 3, 1944 Mary gave birth to their first child, a little girl they named Ellen Ann McCloy.  He never saw his daughter until he came home from the war.  Tragically, Thomas died of cancer in 1964 at age 43.

I met his daughter Ellen in 1967… we were married in 1969…  Thank you Thomas and Mary… your daughter has been the biggest blessing of my life.


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