the present move of God….

My friend Gordon sent me a link to this article… although I had read several of Charles Newbold’s books prior to 2007, I had never seen this article.  By 2007, the Lord had sent Bodie Lister up to Vermont where he spent the next 7 years building this reality of God’s next move in the earth, into my heart and life.

Newbold said it back in 2008, much more dramatically than I could ever say it… but… this article says exactly what I believe God is still doing at this very moment…  this is where He wants to take His sons… whether or not it is  His Last Movement  is up to Him…  not philip… or Charles… or Bodie… or…………….  🙂

For this to actually happen in me…. all the great things I am doing or want to do for God need to die… then He will begin to bring forth His life in us, to do only what He initiates.


Charles Newbold, Jr – June 21, 2008

The real last move of God doesn’t need a man to lead it, doesn’t need a band to hype it, doesn’t need a building to corral it, doesn’t need a billboard to promote it, doesn’t need intercessors to pray it in, doesn’t need a TV show or even a microphone to barker it, doesn’t need a PR program to defend it. Can’t take up an offering for it or seed into it, can’t hype or manipulate it, can’t own it.

It has already begun in the secret places of men’s hearts, men who rarely even know one another. It is already taking place in the hidden corners of David’s cave of Adullam where a few misfits and malcontents have hidden out in Jesus and are being quietly shaped into a might army of glorified sons. A few here and there are being knitted together in love whose light, when they cross paths, becomes greater than the sum of the two, or three, or four, or whatever number they are.

It is the light of life, the very life of God they radiate, exposing the darkness and causing turmoil everywhere they go—unspoken, but spoken against; loving, but hated by the world; merciful, but treated unmercifully; strong through brokenness; powerful in weakness; mighty men of valor without guile or malice; strong and powerful in the Lord without gender.

Released one by one, becoming two by two, becoming four by four, then eight by eight—on an exponential curve. Yes, a movement to end all revivals.

Can’t start it, can’t stop it, can’t own it, can’t harness it, can’t telecast it, can’t alter it, can’t do anything about it. It is already in motion and is bigger than any man or collection of men. It is the coming forth of Zion, the ushering in of Tabernacles—the feast of Ingathering; that is, Jesus gathering into Himself His true assembly of called-out-ones.

These are those who are called, chosen, and will be found faithful. Nevertheless, whosoever will may come. Either way, all were known before the foundation of the world.

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it takes soooo long….

so… so … very long… how much longer will it take to break thru all the years of religious teachings… that have turned christianity into a cerebral exercise presenting intellectual truths instead of a lifetime of simply and personally experiencing those very truths…

“Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free, and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law. (Galatians 5:1 NLT)

Sadly… T. Austin Sparks talked about these issues over 60 years ago…

…don’t ask the religious systems… ask the Lord…

“Legalism always crucifies Christ afresh because legalism cuts out the greatest word in Christianity. The word over the door into true Christianity is the word: “Grace.” Legalism always wipes out “Grace,” and puts in its place “Law.” Grace is the chief word in the vocabulary of the Christian. Do you notice that where legalism reaches its fullest expression, it always puts the crucifix in the place of the empty tomb? The badge of the Christian is the empty tomb. That is “Life from the dead.” The badge of legalism is a crucifix, “a dead Christ.” Legalism always brings death, and the chief thing about Christ is resurrection. It is Life from the dead. This was something that Paul came to see when it pleased God to reveal His Son in him. And he said, “Let me get out of all this legalistic system. Jesus of Nazareth Whom we crucified is alive. He has been revealed alive in my heart.”

If we really see the Lord Jesus, we shall be emancipated. Some of us have had that experience. We were in legal systems; our horizon was that system. Then the day came when the Lord opened our eyes to really see the significance of Christ. And that whole system fell away as being all nonsense. No, it is not our business to say, “Come out of this and that, and come into this other.” The word “must” or “thou shall” does not belong to this realm. That belongs to the old legal realm. The “must” becomes a spiritual thing, not a legal thing. We could say of Paul, there was a mighty “must” in his spirit. “I have seen the Lord, and I am seeing more and more of what the Lord is, and this is creating in me this great imperative. ‘This one thing I do, leaving the things which are behind, I press on toward the mark of the prize of the on-high calling.'” So we do not say, “Change your system.” But we do say, “Ask the Lord to reveal His Son in you.” Then the great work of emancipation will begin.

By T. Austin-Sparks from: “That They May All Be One, Even As We Are One” 

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the doctor said two more weeks to go, once the anti-biotics are done…  hoping that it is true… no more than the next week and a half left… seems like I get a couple hours or so of being alert, in between naps…  continue to run out of energy so quickly… I miss my writing… my sketches… talking with other people… being with other people…  It’s getting old!   🙂

Since I love  “order”  and  “structure” – which seem so sadly lacking in our world these days –  I am going to attempt to compartmentalize my life a little more.. if such a thing is possible… 🙂    Hoping this will keep me a bit more focused in the use of my time.

First I want to get back to writing more… and turn my  “Musings”  back into just saying the things that are running around in me.   will continue to take care of business consulting and personal counseling.

I am thinking about another web-site for family things and pictures…  may even have another site for my sketches.  Perhaps something like this will help to keep me out of trouble….  🙂

we shall see…. hoping anyway….


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Gibb’s rules…

After mentioning Gibb’s Rules earlier… I had to google it… what an experience… just think… some of his rules even make a lot of sense… 🙂  Did you know?

“Gibbs’s rules originated from his first wife, Shannon Gibbs, where she told him at their first meeting that “Everyone needs a code they can live by”    

I liked that… even agree with it… what is the code I live by?

I also think I have answered it in many ways on this blog… you know… live only for Him… do only what He tells me to do… only what He puts in my heart… love others with all my heart… especially my wife… my family… my friends… things like that…

“Gibbs informed Ziva David that there were approximately fifty rules that were his job to teach her.”   … one episode even quoted   “Rule No. 69″….

Just think… Philip only has  7 Rules…. 🙂

Check them out at  7 Rules ….


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I have talked often about  “Relationships”  over the years… it becomes more and more important to me as each day goes by…. I said this a couple years ago…

Relationships:  They require work… they require commitment… they do not just happen.  And the biggest problem is me… not the other person.”

This was only one of many things Philip said about  Personal Counseling  when he launched his consulting business.

also there, under  Philip’s Freebies,  is my basic philosophy of  how to live… although directed towards starting one’s own business… not bad for living one’s own life…  🙂

just think… how many rules does the famous Leroy Jethro Gibbs have?  Eh?   Philip only has 7 rules… enjoy!



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at long last…

Starting to feel human again… was able to stay alert for a couple 4 to 6 hr clips yesterday and actually  “do”  a couple things… then enjoyed  7 straight hours  of sleep for the first time in my adult life.

The area got hit with hurricane winds and a  “bomb cyclone”… whatever that is… trees and limbs were down all over the property and the kid’s trampoline was totally relocated, lifted straight up and then redeposited else where…  🙂  Nothing serious here though… lots of serious elsewhere… we never lost power… there are many areas right around us still without power today.  There was a gas line explosion in Wenham with fire everywhere shutting down a street very near to where we are… that one even made the  “News”….

Then I wrote a little bit last nite… and pushed the  “post”  button, just as we lost our internet connection… also ended up losing the  “post”… may try again later today…   🙂

With no internet, that also meant no TV… so… I actually attacked finishing my sketch of the Wallace’s visit to the B&B, back in 2011…  Need to say some things about  “Relationships”… soon… I’ll tie it in somewhere today…  🙂IMG_2900.JPG

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good report….

I am thankful and very pleased to report about my visit to the doctor, just an hour ago.  Thought I would post it here on my blog to bring those who follow my “Musings” into the flow of what has been happening.

Never been this sick before…. it is pneumonia… doctor was happy with the progress this week,… says  “it will take another 2 weeks to feel like you used to feel.”  I needed to correct him though and made sure he understood that, at almost 83,  I will  never feel  the way I used to feel….  🙂

Hopefully I will be able to start doing my walking after that two weeks…. maybe finish up some sketches I have wanted to do… and begin to write again…

We shall see.  I’m not in charge of that department…. actually not very many departments… but…  “in so far as I am able, I will_____________”… the rest is up to Him.

Must be time for another nap….   🙂

Photo on 3-1-18 at 5.44 PM.jpg

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