I was talking the other night about how  none of us… as in  “no one”…  is God’s scribe, taking dictation from Him… and recording it for all the world to read… He is a  one on one  God… He wants each one of us  individually…. what He wants is simply a  “relationship with every one of us”… not with a  “group of us…”

The moment that anyone takes something Philip writes  (or what  anyone else writes – pick a Saint, any Saint) and we do what we did with the bible… changing them from simply inspired men telling their stories… and making those written words  about  God…. the “WORD OF GOD”… we have made an  idol  out of the scriptures.  That is called  “Bibliolatry”.

The best thing I have ever read about that was written by a guy named W. E. Smith…. it is still available from this   link to Smith…     more than worth the read….  I have mentioned him before.  He stopped writing in February  2015… sounded like he had an experience very similar to mine…. except he has not started writing again… at this time.

Now… to my story… about what happened     “as I was reading a little bit more about Lundy…  it triggered some things about what I wrote yesterday… so…. the plan is… that I’ll be writing a bit more about all that… hopefully later today…  🙂    You know… after the Patriots win the super Bowl….”      It is a good thing I am not a  “Prophet” …. since I would have been  stoned  by now for that  false prophecy  about the game last night…   🙂

Back on January28th, I wrote this… because this was how Philip  interpreted  what he read…

“Important to remember…  the enemy is  always  sending out his patrols… looking for an  opportunity  to attack…. looking for any  vulnerable  position…  can be lots of  casualties… as there were on November 1st, 1944 in Hirschberg, Germany….

We were waiting… our position was overrun …..”IMG_2836.JPG

What I had read… was not  what actually happened…. as I read  more about  Lundy, I finally realized that the  opposite  was true…. our U.S. forces took Hirschberg on Nov. 1st, 1944… from the German Army.

Have you ever thought of how many different interpretations we have of the same scriptures?

hmmmmmmm….. still more to say….  🙂

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Victor Lundy….

Here is the sketch I promised of yet another WWII hero… the sketch artist guy who has kept me inspired to keep on sketchin’….  now… if I can only get a little better at it, so the folks I sketch are a little more recognizable…  🙂

An interesting thing happened…. as I was reading a little bit more about Lundy…  it triggered some things about what I wrote yesterday… so…. the plan is… that I’ll be writing a bit more about all that… hopefully later today…  🙂    You know… after the Patriots win the super Bowl….   🙂   🙂   🙂IMG_2847.JPG

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everyone is so unique….

As I have walked thru the  past 82+  years… the thing that keeps coming to me is how  totally unique  every human being is… we can so easily tell the  “twins”  apart…  🙂   … and … no one I have ever met  looks exactly like me, acts exactly like any one else,  has the same gifts, talents, abilities and on and on and on.  I  can’t even  draw a sketch to look like somebody else’s  sketch,  much less like the  photo  of someone I sketched…  it was so neat to discover that even a  great sketch artist  like Lundy… couldn’t do that either.

It was also so good… to finally get past my  “black&white”  world and discover there are  many ways  to do everything –  (besides the  right  way, the  wrong  way, the  army  way and  Philip’s  way!!!!)    Of course….  I still do have a few opinions…. but… this basic understanding of uniqueness and our human differences is where I live today…  which involves much more than just opinions… and is why I no longer make proclamations of everything I believe… I just  tell stories of my experiences… the things I have seen… the things I have  touched  and handled  of Jesus, as I have  walked with Him  these past 50 years.  That’s all John was trying to communicate…. 1John 1

” 1What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have looked at and touched with our hands, concerning the Word of Life— 2and the life was manifested, and we have seen and testify and proclaim to you the eternal life, which was with the Father and was manifested to us— 3what we have seen and heard we proclaim to you also, so that you too may have fellowship with us; and indeed our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ. 4These things we write, so that our joy may be made complete.”

He was not concretising doctrines….  just telling his stories.…  amazes me how we have almost made idols out of people like the 12 apostles, especially John and then later on Paul….even further on we applied  Sainthood  to them… tomorrow I will go to learn more about  St.Augustine  at the Anglican Church we attend… I’ve already sat thru a couple hours of lectures on Augustine the past Sundays …. the poor guy never looked at himself as a Saint… he struggled with everything… and more than most of us… but then I was never beaten with a cane in order to learn that words, studies, knowledge… those are what is important…nothing like the exaltation of our minds…  and…  Philip has quite a  different opinion  than the lecturer…  🙂

All these guys were just  ordinary human beings  like the rest of us… going thru all the  stuff  that any of us go thru…  the  more hungry  we are to  know  God… the  more crazy  the experiences… but each of us is simply responding  as human beings respond… none of us is the oracle of God… taking dictation from God and writing it down.  We all can hear God speaking to us… but it is communicated out of our own unique persons, our own unique giftings, unique experiences… our stories…. I am so thankful that the Lord has made  only one Philip…    all that any of us need is simply one of us….   🙂

I have so much more to say… maybe tomorrow…  meanwhile… if I can get around to it tonight, I will try a sketch to honor Victor Lundy… from this photograph…  I’ll let people know on Facebook, if I can get it worked into the schedule tonight… it may look a little different than the photograph…  🙂



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of sketches and things…

Way back on January 21st I did this sketch….

img_2826.jpg and said these words…

Regardless how well we gird ourselves up… there are still casualties… still men to honor for laying down their lives for us.  The artist who did the original drawing, sketched a young man on October 31, 1944… it sounded like he was a good friend… and gifted sniper in his unit… then he just ends his story saying… he was killed.   Sad… always sad

I have been enjoying 8 note books full of this young man’s drawings… Victor Lundy… a 21 year old soldier, who sketched his way thru days of being trained for war, then crossing the ocean and landing in France.  He was wounded… but lived to become a renowned architect.  He is still alive today… 95 years young!

“War experience…  just hypnotizes young men.”    
“So said Victor Lundy, a World War II veteran who recorded many of his war memories through his sketchbooks, now donated to the Library of Congress.”

I think I have been hypnotized by Lundy’s sketches… especially the faces…I will soon be doing a sketch of Victor Lundy… but for now, I would like to show you two of his sketches… the young man sketched above was  Finey Towery…. Here is Lundy’s sketch that I worked from… alongside it is another sketch he did of Towery… helped me to feel better about my sketches, to see that Lundy was also not a portrait painter…. same guy… only different…    🙂


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the twins…

Our grandsons, Finn and Henry, celebrate their 6th birthday tomorrow... but…. they got to open their birthday presents from nana and poppa  a day early  so they could  wear them to school today…. wonder what that was all about?    🙂


Do ya think they might be wearing them on Sunday too?????    🙂  🙂  🙂

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health update…

thankful to report that all my  home health  visits have been stopped… in the morning I will be able to take my next  INR blood test  (checks how quickly the blood clots for folks  like me who are on warfarin) and this will be done on the  new machine  that Medicare has provided for me to do  my own testing… I will get to test my blood sugar in the morning as well … my sugar has also been very good.. the doctors actually only look at the blood sugar once every 3 months (a special test that gives them an average for that period)… but… I do look at my sugar every so often just to make sure it is ok…. hope to start lobbying soon to get off my  “sugar meds”…  🙂

Have already lobbied on my  blood pressure meds  (because my B/P was getting  way too low)… the doctor cut one dose in half – yes!!!!  It’s still too low… so I will now lobby with the other doctor (cardio lady) on Monday about that one again.

I am sleeping great these days…. and walking almost every day.  Thanks to Jennifer’s gift to us….  a “membership”  at Gordon to use their athletic facility… which has every workout machine known to man  –  (all of which I haven’t even thought about trying to use) … yet…   🙂   the biggie on this though is the great indoor track… 10 trips around is a mile…. after just 2 weeks  where I began with only three   “5 min laps”… I am  thrilled to report  working my way up to ten   “3 min laps”… it has been a long time since I was able to walk a whole mile… much less  even thinking about  breaking a 30 min mile pace….!!!!       🙂

Jennifer also told us about the Balance and Wellness Center at Gordon, where I have been accepted into a  6 week program  which is paid for by Medicare…  🙂   thank you all once again for continuing to work in order to make all my  “freebies”  possible…  🙂

After getting all of Jennifer’s help in my health department…  I had to give it a try… and  do a sketch of  her…. saying thanks… I love you….

Hope she can handle it!!!!    🙂  🙂  🙂


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little charlie….

I started my sketching from a picture of Nate way back there at Christmas…. found it much easier for me to draw from other sketches than from real pictures… especially pictures of people I know… but…I finally started giving it a shot, hoping I wouldn’t offend anyone…   🙂    a bit of a challenge since I am a “pencil sketcher”…  not a  portrait painter…  🙂

It seems to be working though… people are responding very positively… so… I thought I would try it a little more regularly…    I remember our son Jon’s favorite quote : Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal”  … so….    since my goal is to  honor and bless  people… especially my  family and friends… I am ignoring my lack of confidence that  takes my eye off that goal

Tonight’s sketch then… is to  honor Jon and Amy … not just for the  quote but… for presenting us with 3 wonderful grand-kids… let me introduce you to  Poppa’s sketch of little Charlie… the youngest of the grands 🙂


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